Since 2012 we have been actively involved in the design of E-mobility of ships. We have already equipped 10 ships in the professional shipping industry with electrical drives. But also the hydraulic system has to operate more energy efficiently which lead us to design and manufacture special steering gears and hydraulic systems with variable engines. Substantial weight and energy reductions were achieved.

We closely cooperate with Kräutler Elektromaschinen GmbH from Austria and are able to offer the following services for E-ships:

  • electrical drives via shafting
  • electrical drives via rudder-propellers
  • hybrid drives for existing shafting systems
  • fuel-electrical drives
  • production of combined drive levers for e-mobility
  • energy efficient rudder hydraulics
  • energy efficient board hydraulics
  • elaboration and design of complete drive and control systems

Do you have any questions about  conversion  to e-mobility and retro-fitting of your existing drive systems? We are looking forward to consulting you!